Standard Titan Frame – Sliding Screen Door Kits – Available In Various Colors – Unassembled


  • White
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • 30x80
  • 36x80
  • 48x80
  • 30x96
  • 36x96
  • 48x96
  • No Mesh
  • Charcoal Fiberglass (+$15)
  • No-See-Um 20x20 Tiny Mesh (+$45)
  • Pet Resistant Screen (+$45)
  • Nylon Rollers
  • Steel Rollers (+$20)
  • Stainless Steel Rollers (+$45)
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Product Description:

Upgrade your patio with the reliable and stylish Standard Titan Frame – Sliding Screen Door Kit from The Hardware Experts. Designed for easy assembly and customization, this kit is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their home with a durable and attractive sliding screen door.

To cater to various budgetary needs and functional preferences, the AMESBURY TRUTH HARDWARE Tandem sliding glass door roller assembly is available in multiple configurations. Each configuration is designed to meet different performance criteria and price points, enabling you to select the perfect roller assembly that aligns with your financial considerations and desired door operation smoothness. Choose this trusted hardware solution for an ultra-smooth, reliable sliding door experience that enhances the comfort and accessibility of your living space.



  • COLOR OPTIONS: Choose from three elegant finishes: White, Bronze, and Aluminum. These color options ensure that you can find the perfect match to complement your home’s exterior décor, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • SIZES AVAILABLE: Available in a variety of sizes to fit different openings: 30×80, 30×96, 36×80, 48×80, 36×96, and 48×96. Whether you have a small or large patio door, there’s a kit size that will meet your needs.
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: The kit comes with everything you need for assembly and installation, including wheels, aluminum framing, screen mesh, spline, and corner locks. These components are designed to work together seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and easy installation process.
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY: Designed for easy, quick assembly. The components are pre-cut and ready to be assembled, so you can cut and assemble your new screen door in just minutes with minimal tools required. Perfect for those who enjoy DIY projects.
  • SCREEN COLOR: The screen mesh comes in a sleek charcoal color, which not only looks great but also provides excellent visibility and airflow while keeping insects out.
  • DURABILITY: Crafted from heavy-duty extruded .060 aluminum, the frame is built to last. This robust construction ensures that your screen door will withstand regular use and the elements, providing long-lasting performance and peace of mind.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION: The frame is pre-mitre cut to fit most standard door openings without the need for additional cutting. This thoughtful design feature simplifies the installation process, making it more accessible for those with basic mechanical skills.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A.: Manufactured in the United States, this product adheres to high-quality standards, ensuring that you receive a reliable and well-crafted screen door kit.

Installation Requirements:

  • ASSEMBLY AND CUTTING: While the kit is designed for easy assembly, some cutting and fitting will be required to tailor the screen door to your specific opening. This process is straightforward and can be completed with basic hand tools.
  • MECHANICAL SKILLS: Basic mechanical skills are recommended to ensure a proper and secure installation. Detailed instructions are included to guide you through each step of the process.

Why Choose the Standard Titan Frame – Sliding Screen Door Kit?

  • ENHANCE YOUR OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE: This sliding screen door kit is an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living space, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and natural light while keeping bugs and debris outside.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE AND CONVENIENT: With multiple sizes and color options, you can customize the screen door to suit your specific needs and preferences. The convenience of a DIY kit means you can achieve professional results without the cost of hiring a contractor.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: Offering high-quality materials and easy installation at an affordable price, this screen door kit represents great value for money. Invest in a product that will improve your home’s functionality and appearance.

Transform your patio or deck area with the Standard Titan Frame – Sliding Screen Door Kit from The Hardware Experts. Combining quality materials with ease of installation, this kit offers a seamless and attractive addition to your home. Available now from The Hardware Experts, your trusted source for top-quality hardware solutions.

Additional information

Frame Color

White, Bronze, Silver

Kit Size

30×80, 36×80, 48×80, 30×96, 36×96, 48×96

Mesh Type

No Mesh, Charcoal Fiberglass (+$15), No-See-Um 20×20 Tiny Mesh (+$45), Pet Resistant Screen (+$45)

Roller Type

Nylon Rollers, Steel Rollers (+$20), Stainless Steel Rollers (+$45)

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Standard Titan Frame - Sliding Screen Door Kits - Available In Various Colors - Unassembled


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