ALUMI-WAX – Aluminum Lubricant Spray – 12 oz – SDM-1940 – Sliding Door Lubricant


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The Alumi-Wax Lubricant Spray by Barton Kramer: the ultimate solution for preserving aluminum door and window surfaces over the long term. This innovative wax spray forms a lasting protective layer, uniquely designed to endure without hardening or evaporating. Notably, it is compatible with plastic and nylon components, ensuring damage-free application.

Versatile and effective, this lubricant spray works wonders on all aluminum products, safeguarding their functionality. Additionally, it serves as a temporary shield against stucco or plaster adhesion during liquid masking. Whether you’re looking to lubricate door hinges, sliding mechanisms, or ball-bearing rollers, Barton-Kramer’s Alumi-Wax Lubricant Spray is the optimal choice for sustained performance.


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Introducing the Alumi-Wax Lubricant Spray by Barton Kramer – your ultimate solution for ensuring the prolonged vitality of aluminum door and window surfaces. Specially crafted to cater to the unique demands of aluminum products, this innovative wax spray establishes an enduring shield that safeguards against the passage of time.

What sets the Alumi-Wax Lubricant Spray apart is its remarkable composition, designed to remain flexible and unyielding. Unlike conventional lubricants, it refuses to harden or evaporate, ensuring a consistent layer of protection that endures through changing seasons. Even more impressively, its formulation is engineered to coexist harmoniously with plastic and nylon components, mitigating the risk of any inadvertent damage.

Versatility is at the heart of this product. Whether adorning your aluminum windows, doors, or any other aluminum marvel, this lubricant spray proves equally effective across the board. Its multifunctional prowess extends further, emerging as an exceptional asset for liquid masking endeavors. By orchestrating a temporary barrier, it effectively fends off unwanted adhesion of stucco or plaster, embodying a powerful yet temporary shield.

Unveiling Barton-Kramer’s Alumi-Wax Lubricant Spray presents a solution tailored to the diverse needs of homeowners and maintenance enthusiasts. Aiding in the preservation of door hinges, it thrives as an exemplary sliding door lubricant and a steadfast companion for ball-bearing rollers and lock assemblies. This lubricant doesn’t merely maintain; it elevates the functionality and longevity of your cherished household components.

So, whether you’re seeking a reliable sliding door lubricant, a resilient hinge protector, or a steadfast lubricating agent for intricate mechanisms, Barton-Kramer’s Alumi-Wax Lubricant Spray emerges as the preeminent choice. Elevate your maintenance routine and empower your aluminum assets with this exceptional formula – an embodiment of preservation and performance


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ALUMI-WAX - Aluminum Lubricant Spray - 12 oz - SDM-1940 - Sliding Door Lubricant